Kid's Fishing Day

This is all about introducing kids to fishing and our marine environment!

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Since 1988, the Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation, along with the assistance of volunteers and important community partners like the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, has conducted an annual Kid’s Fishing Day program. Each year, hundreds of less fortunate, at-risk and special needs children from throughout Palm Beach County experience what most of us take for granted, a day of boating and fishing on the ocean. More importantly, the kids learn all about our marine environment and why we need to protect it.

To date, over 15,000 area youth have participated in this heartwarming community outreach event. The program is free of charge to those who participate and is made possible each year through the generosity of many sponsors and volunteers. Each child receives an event t-shirt, snacks, drinks, and every kid goes home with a brand new fishing rod and reel. Of course, each child walks away with special memories of a fun day on the water and a better understanding of our unique marine environment.

For many, this ocean adventure is a first time experience. Seeing flying fish, sea turtles and large oceanic predators like sharks and barracuda is a thrill not soon forgotten! We believe programs like our Kid’s Fishing Day help build better citizens and responsible environmental stewards for the future.

“Your Kid’s Day is the model for the rest of the United States.”

– Mr. Bill Cole, Former U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Fishery Manager & Scientist