About the Foundation

Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation

The Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation (PBCFF) was established to serve as the charitable affiliate of the West Palm Beach Fishing Club (WPBFC). For much of its storied history the WPBFC, founded in 1934, has fulfilled many important roles in the sport fishing community and been a tireless voice for conservation. However, the WPBFC’s tax status limited the organization’s ability to raise funds for its educational and conservation initiatives. In 1990, the board of directors took action to solve this dilemma by establishing a tax qualified 501(c) 3 charitable affiliate. As an extension of the fishing club, the PBCFF was created to address specific educational outreach needs and issues related to fishing and the health of our resources. There are few privately funded organizations which address all these issues. To accomplish its mission, the PBCFF conducts a variety of marine related programs and has achieved many significant conservation and educational milestones since inception. The following is a description of some of our current programs.

Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation brochure