West Palm Fishing Club - established in 1943

Virtual MeetingThe West Palm Beach Fishing Club

There are fishing clubs, and then there are fishing clubs. More and more, these institutions have evolved into virtual form as anglers find it easier to troll on-line for the latest information or reports. However, this wasn’t always so. At one time, fishing clubs dotted the eastern seaboard from Nova Scotia to Key West. Some were little more than shacks while others had expansive clubhouses. Each was supported by a community of anglers united in their enthusiasm for the sport and eager to share it with others. Alas, most are gone now, unfortunate victims of the changing times. However, a handful remain and a few continue to stand out as shining examples of their kind. Among the very best was and remains the West Palm Beach Fishing Club”.

- Mike Rivkin, author of West Palm Beach Fishing Club: A 75-Year History

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