b"KFD Historical Fun FactsI n the early years, Kid's Fish-ing Day (KFD) simply con-sisted of a half-day drift fishing trip for underserved youth.The educational component and a more abbreviated trip offshore was incorporated after several years of watching kids get sea sick.In fact, one year the Palm Beach Post ran a front page picture of multiple kids laying down on thethe shallows off Palm Beach and no-boat befallen by seasickness.Clubticed a long line of lobsters walking organizers and volunteers were not all too happy with thealong the bottom.Needless to say coverage since most of the kids were just fine and catch- Garys live well had a few bugs in it when he returned from ing fish. the outing. Unfortunately, issues related to insurance and By the early 1990s, the program had grown from one boatliability put an end to the practice of using private boats. to many.Drift boats loaded with kids were simultaneouslyBut it was fun for the kids while it lasted.departing from Jupiter ('Blue Heron 101'), Palm BeachSince the beginning we have always provided food for ('Miss Blue Heron II', the 'Capt. Bob' & the 'Shamrock')KFD participants.In the early years, a dedicated group of and Boynton Inlets ('B-Love III' & 'Sea-Mist').The clubvolunteers would gather at Herberts Market in Palm Beach even chartered a Pompano based drift boat, the 'Helen-Sthe evening before the scheduled trip to build lunchmeat VI', to come up and help fill the demand.Eventually thesandwiches.Pro Herbert was a WPBFC board member program format was altered, allowing the use of just oneat the time and remains a lifetime member of the club.The boat taking twelve trips over a period of three days.Firstvolunteers made hundreds of sandwiches.Each lunch bag it was the 'Lady K', today it's 'The Living On Island Time'. included an apple, bag of chips, napkin and condiments. In those early years private boats were also used duringVolunteers created an assembly line to build the lunches Kid's Fishing Day.Fishing Club members would volun- which were stored in the walk-in refrigerator at Herberts. teer the day of the trip and pick aThey were distributed to the vari-load of kids up at Sailfish MarinaGary Borland takes a KFD crewous boats early the following day.then head offshore.Everythingoffshore Brown bag lunches werent the from small center consoles to wellonly food distributed.While the appointed sport fishing yachts &kids were out fishing, volunteers donated charter boats were used.would rendezvous at Rich's Ice It was quite an adventure for kids,Cream factory (Don Rich was a and their chaperones for that mat- WPBFC board member) on Dixie ter, who had little or no experienceHighway to load up ice cream offshore.On one such trip Capt.sandwiches which were distrib-Gary Borland had been takinguted to each boat upon their re-his group of kids drift fishing inturn.Timing was critical.This 52 W estP almB eachF ishingc luB"