b"Wahoo Series: Simplistic & PopularI ts more than coinci- at first light and hooked no dence or superstitionmore than 10 minutes after that wahoo fish- putting lines in the water. ing is better aroundLarry is a charter captain the full moon. To cap- out of Jupiter Inlet, with italize on this popu- his boat berthed at the lar and productiveSquare Grouper docks. bite, each summer theSince joining the WPBFC in West Palm Beach Fishing Club2019 to fish the wahoo series, Larry produces a unique three-leg wahoohas not only been a tournament par-tournament series centered aroundwas designed for its first year runningticipant but has also shown his sup-the full moons in June, July and Au- in 2017, seeing healthy participationport by donating a charter for our gust.For members who enjoy target- and bringing fresh faces to the cap- annual Awards, BBQ and Auction. ing this fast pelagic species, the seriestains meeting. Matt and Kim SiegertIts incredible to see members like is a great opportunity to get out fishingof team 'Rockfish' joined the WPBFChim bring their involvement in the each summer and win cash and prizes. just to fish in the series. Their deci- club full circle.The whole concept of this simplisticsion to join the club would prove toSean, Jennifer and Max Lichtig tournament series is to offer activebe a good one. That June they landedof team 'Ebbtide' have participated anglers who are already planning ona 55.8 lb. wahoo. Three years later,in the tournament series each year. fishing for wahoo, a structured formattheir fish still holds up as the singleIn 2017 they successfully boated a to compete against fellow WPBFCbiggest wahoo weighed during the first52 lb. wahoo, the largest recorded in members. This is a great way to keepleg of the series (June). It also earnedthe month of August throughout the people involved in the club and bringthem the title of Series Championsseries. The Lichtig familys involve-potential members into the fold. Thethat inaugural year. Matt and Kimment goes far beyond high speeding for series kicks off with craft beer duringare regular attendees at monthly clubwahoo each summer. They regularly an optional captains party at Twistedmeetings and participants in local in- volunteer for the clubs charitable foun-Trunk Brewery in Palm Beach Gar- shore outings. Additionally, Matt hasdation youth fishing programs, Kids dens before the June moon. Each leggone onto set All Time WPBFC ceroFishing Day and S.A.L.T.Y.of the series has a captains meetingmackerel records on fly tackle. TheirCatching a targeted species is an with drink specials and raffle prizes atinvolvement is testament to the kind ofaccomplishment alone, doing this back local breweries, offering opportunityquality members this series can bringto back to back is really something for socializing. into the club.special. After finishing 7 thoverall in The Wahoo Series did exactly what itThe biggest wahoo in the month of2018, Jeff Zebrasky of team 'Killing July throughout the series history be-Team Ebbtide longs to Capt. Larry McCarthy andTeam team 'Latitude Sportfishing', weighingLatitudeSportfishingin at 50.6 lbs. Their wahoo was caught Team Rockfish30 W estP almB eachF ishingc luB"