b"club news ABOUT THE COVER:Club Welcomes New Board Members Our cover pays tribute to the late Kim Neilsonsurfer, he West Palm Beach Fishing Club (WPBFC) is pleased to announce thefather, fisherman, Jetty Conch T addition of three new individuals to its all volunteer Board of Directors,and talented marine artist.Wesley Watson, Mike Samuels and Bob Frevert. Kim was a longtime WPBFC Wesley Watson of West Palm Beachmember whose artwork had ( l to r) Wesley, Charlie & Thomashas been a WPBFC member for 48been used through the yearsWatsonyears.Wes has participated in nu- for everything from club merous club outings and events, and as a volunteer behind the scenes fort-shirts to awards.Some of his decades.If youve ever enjoyed theartwork, including the hand fresh venison & gator appetizers atpainted watercolorMullet the clubs annual BBQ, it was WesleyRun Tarpon, hangs in our who prepared and cooked them, alonghistoric clubhouse. His with his sons Charlie,Thomas &original watercolor charts his father Bill.Wesleys kids are allfeaturing all manner of birds, date-of-birth WPBFC members.Mike Samuels is a WPBFC lifetimefish and marine life garnered member of 11 years.His wife Dawnhim notoriety and a strong fol-and his father John are also lifetime members.Mike is vice president of cus- lowing from those who loved tomer service at Viking Yachts Company, where his industry connections runthe ocean.His support of the deep. Mike is also a board member/treasurer ofclub never waivered and for the Marine Industry Association of Palm BeachMikethat we are eternally County, one of the Fishing Clubs most significantSamuelscommunity partners.Mike is a past winner ofgrateful.Smooth sailing and the clubs top sailfish trophy, the annual TracyTight Lines Kim.Schneider Memorial Sailfish Release Trophy.Lifetime WPBFC member Bob Frevert hasCatch us on YouTube!been involved with the club for nearly 30 years and has been very active in club events andYour West Palm Beach angling programs.He recently retired fromFishing Club now has Pratt & Whitney/United Technologies and hasa YouTube channel, which currently become even more active since that time.Bobfeatures several of the programs and serves on the WPBFC Angling Committee, theevents that happen throughout the Silver Sailfish Derby Video Review Committeeyear.In an attempt to both explain and is a four-time winner of the WPBFCs Grandand entertain, we plan to continue Champion Angleradding content for members, potential BobAward,amongmembers, sponsors and just curious Frevert other awards.Ad- eyes about the many happenings of ditionally, Bob isboth the club and our charitable affili-very supportive of the WPBFCs charitable foun- ate, the Palm Beach County Fishing dations interest in game fish research efforts andFoundation.Subscribe & stay tuned!capital improvements to our historic clubhouse.These three new board members all bring a unique and important perspective to the WPBFC's governing board.All share a passion for the clubs wonderful tra-ditions and preserving its unique role in the commu-nity.The WPBFC is grate-ful for their willingness to serve.Welcome aboard! T ighTL inesB uLLeTin- s pring2020 3"