b"Young Anglers EmbraceThe popular S.A.L.T.Y. program is produced in memory of past WPBFC board member S.A.L.T.Y. Program Don A. Hap Wilson.Hap was a passionate T he high pitched sound of a light spinning reel relin- angler who had a quishing line at a high rate of speed could be heardlifelong association along the entire length of the 'Miss Blue Heron' drift boat.with the the Roman Caballero, the young man holding the rod, wasFishing Club.As a doing his best to control an uncontrollable situation.Afather of two big fish had quickly dumped most of the line that he haddaughters he placed spooled up the night before at the West Palm Beach Fishinggreat value on the Club (WPBFC).He battled the stubborn fish from bow tomentorship required to stern, weaving his way in and around the other kids andteach fishing skills to parents who were fishing along the rail.The excitement level ratcheted up a notch once a nice sized kingfish sur- the next generation.faced in the distance.After a few tense moments of giveThe annualand take, the 15-pound king hit the deck triggering a spon-production of this program in Hap's memory taneous eruption of cheers from those aboard.Somehowis a fitting tribute.the light mono leader and small yellowtail jig held fast eluding the mackerels substantial den-tures.Roman was elated and exhausted.It was the biggest fish he had ever caught.Roman was one of nearly 40 kids who took their saltwaterto promote family bonding as they learn together.We have fishing skills to the next levelseen a community need for a program like this for quite during one of the Palm Beachsome time.There are a lot of kids out there who have the County Fishing Foundationsdesire to get more into saltwater fishing, but their parents (PBCFF) S.A.L.T.Y. programs.just dont know how to get started.This program helps S.A.L.T.Y. is an acronym forfill that void for both the child and parent, said WPBFC Saltwater Angling Lessons &Chairman Pete Schulz who helped develop the program.Techniques for Youth.This Participation in each S.A.L.T.Y. program is limited to 20 PBCFF program, now in itskids and 20 adults.Two courses are produced each sum-RomanCaballero third year, is designed to helpmer.The first day of each course consists of hands-on rig-cultivate the next generationging instruction at the historic WPBFC on Friday evening. Ty Pfendler of knowledgeable and responsibleKnots, wrapping wire, rigging ballyhoo and sardines are saltwater anglers through an ad- some of the items covered.Each participant receives a new vanced hands-on instructionalPenn Fierce 5000 rod & reel fishing experience.Sponsored incombo, which they learn how part by multiple family foundationsto rig up for yellowtailand and the Marine Industries Asso- evidently king mackerel.The ciation of Palm Beach County, thefollowing day participants go program targets youngsters whofishing offshore aboard the have some existing level of fishing'Miss Blue Heron' practicing experience and want to learn more.the techniques they learned Participation with a parent or adultthe night before.Upon com-chaperone in the two-day course is apletion of the course each requirementyouth participant becomes a junior mem-ber of the WPBFC.This is a tremendous value to any kid and parent who really wants to advance their saltwater fishing skills.Keeping kids and their parents excited about fishing is one of the Fishing Clubs missions.We look forward to get-Rene Schimann ting more young people involved in this program in the future, added Schulz. 46 W estP almB eachF ishingc luB"