b'More Reef Darts to be LaunchedT hePalmBeachwater site.Each unit CountyFishingweighs approximately 8 Foundation(PBCFF)to 10 tons and measures plans to launch its fourthup to 45 feet tall.Each batchofexperimentaldart costs approximately Reef Darts this summer.$3,000 to build. This unique reef buildingReef Darts are expand-initiative began in 2017ing the nature of reef utilizing surplus powerbuilding and are helping poles and other materialsincrease marine habitat to create high verticaloff our coast, all the while profile reefs. The programreducing the impact on continues to gain momen- local landfills.The PB-tum.Our Reef Dart vid- CFF is extremely thank-eos on Facebook, YouTubeful to have the confidence and on our website, haveandsupportofmany registered thousands ofpartners on this project views.We have fieldedincluding PBCs Depart-calls from other statesment of Environmental including North Caro- Resources Management, lina and Georgia Depart- and funding partners the ments of Natural Resources who have expressed interest inJohn A. and Elizabeth F. Taylor Charitable Foundation, the concept.Our efforts are helping develop a reef buildingThe Searle Family Trust, The Fleming Family Foundation, template that other coastal communities can follow. Lake Lytal, Jr., The Alice Busch Gronewaldt Foundation, Repurposing concrete poles and culverts into Reef DartsLou Hager, Jr. and others.Our organization has a long is a win-win for all.FPL and local contractor DP Develop- history of innovating important marine conservation ini-ment have been very supportive with donations of surplustiatives.Reef Darts are a continuation of this tradition. materials.These materials can be a liability to companiesWe look forward to keeping WPBFC members updated on and municipalities, sometimes ending up in landfills.this exciting reef building initiative.The Reef Dart design gives old poles and culverts a new purpose, becoming vertically oriented reefs that provide essential marine habitat.A monitoring dive conducted by the Palm Beach County Reef Research Team on our shallow Reef Dart cluster offshore Singer Island docu-mented 48 different species of marine fish and nearly 20 species of invertebrates.Anglers have reported catches of barracuda, yellowtail snapper and African pompano at the site.In 2019 the PBCFF, in partnership with Palm Beach County (PBC), deployed 30 Reef Darts in 500 feet of wa-ter offshore Palm Beach Inlet.Creating habitat at this depth was a first for Palm Beach County and according to the FWC it is Floridas deepest permitted artificial reef.We remain optimistic that this deep water site will provide much needed habitat for overfished species of snap-per and grouper, and perhaps invertebrates like Occulina coral.To aid monitoring efforts, acoustic telemetry receivers have been placed atbothofourReefDart sites (see Acoustic Telemetry story, pg. 42).This summer, the PBCFF intends to add 40 more Reef Darts to the deep T ighTL inesB uLLeTin- s pring2020 39'