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Little Tunny (Bonito)

Little Tunny (Bonito)

Tackle Angler Lbs/Oz Location Date
Fly 12Hank Rolfs, Jr.19.08Off Palm Beach6/16/1991
Fly 20Howard Torn19.08Off Jupiter5/14/1996
Spin 4Jay Young8.00Off Jupiter7/10/2011
Spin 8Cheyenne Davis22.00Palm Beach7/23/2017
Plug 10Bill Roth15.00Off Jupiter9/4/2006
Plug 16Earl Webb18.00Off Jupiter7/6/2000
Gen 4Jay Young10.08Off Jupiter9/1/2012
Gen 8Eddie Twyford18.08Off the Breakers6/15/2008
Gen 12Salvatore Zeitlin20.005 miles off Jupiter5/15/1990
Gen 20Dennis O'Toole26.00Off Stuart6/2/4/2015
Gen 50Belinda Machiela27.00Off Palm Beach6/24/2017
UnlimitedCheyenne Davis24.00Off Palm Beach6/14/2014
Biggest Little Tunny (Bonito) of the current year
Belinda Machiela27.00Palm Beach6/24/2017
Caught using live bait on 50 General Tackle. New Club Record in Gen 50.

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